Wisdom of tradition 台灣傳統智慧

BRIOVIVA Drip Chicken Essence 比歐滴雞精 originates from the wisdom of traditional rural life, where only the most rare and valuable parts of food are presented. Unlike concentrated chicken essence, our drip process focuses on quality rather than quantity, with the freshly extracted essence being the ultimate goal. This meticulous philosophy requires a significant amount of time and resources, resulting in a limited production of our exquisite product. The value of our carefully crafted chicken essence lies in its ability to provide both energy and exceptional flavor. Some may see it as stubborn, but to us, it reflects a humble approach to creating the finest quality product. Experience the essence of luxury with BRIOVIVA.


Drip-extract craft 不加一滴水 才是滴雞精

Taiwan's drip-extracted chicken consomme is made solely from the juice of chicken meat itself. This means that the only ingredient used is pure meat, with no added additives or water. The secret lies in our meticulous drip-extraction process, where the chicken is simmered in a sealed device for over 12 hours.


Postnatal Care 孕事必備 月子哺乳好幫手

Postnatal Care is also described as: rebirth of women.
Taiwan chicken consomme is the top choice for postnatal care.


BrioViva比歐滴雞精 100%台灣製作

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  • About BrioViva-power by 牧田MU10

    BrioViva introduces Taiwan chicken essence (Chicken Consomme) into USA market.

    The brand BrioViva, owned by BrioViva LLC, the mission is to introduce taiwanese  food products complying with the most advanced standard of the FDA/USDA requirement into the U.S. market including issues of food safety, nutrition utilizing and environments’ sustainability.

  • Free Shipping

    FREE SHIPPING to all U.S. mainland states . UPS is our logistic partner for delivering.

    Surely, we promise the parcel well deliverd under any circumstances including import regulation issues.

  • Our team

    The USA-TW team achieved excellent reputation from users. Not only in Taiwan local market, but also promoted Taiwan consomme into more than 15 overseas countries.

    We are confident that all of these are worthy of your trust.