About Brioviva

The brand BrioViva, owned by BrioViva LLC, the mission is to deliver taiwanese  food products complying with the most advanced standard of the FDA/USDA requirement in the U.S. market including issues of food safety, nutrition utilizing and environments’ sustainability. Founded in 2021, BrioViva Taiwan Chicken Consomme (drip chicken essence) is the first voice to speak to the market.

Owing to its connection with Taiwan, especially with 牧田mu10. BrioViva LLC feels proud of the value of food originated from nature and freshness, the mindset of  appreciation to food and love in everyones' families. Missions are simple and consistent. Not only to share good will with fine food, but also to promote health through the wisdom coming from traditional culture.

The brand “牧田MU10” founded in 2011, a extraordinary brand offering  natural pack food in Taiwan. Silky Chicken Essence and Fish LuLu Sea Bass Essence are signature items.

The brand “BrioViva比歐” is run by RouRou Land Co., Ltd. in Taiwan.

Fully supported by partners, BrioViva Taiwan chicken consommé inherits market-leading experience and technology. All manufacturing is completed in Taiwan and imported into the US market officially.

In the past 10 years, this USA-TW team achieved excellent reputation from product users. Not only in Taiwan local market, but also promoted Taiwan consomme to more than 15 overseas countries, including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, United Kingdom, and  EU countries.

In the category of chicken essence, customers’ satisfaction and repurchase rate are quite enjoyed. We are confident that all of these are worthy of your trust.