How to buy Taiwan Drip Chicken Essence in the United States? 8 must know QA.

Q: What are the difficulties in buying Essence of Chicken in the United States? Why is it difficult to buy?

A: The U.S. has the strictest anti-epidemic control on meat products in the world, which means that there are relatively few meat-related products that can be officially imported into the U.S. (as long as they contain meat ingredients). For products made in Taiwan, the main key hurdle is that, in addition to the official certification of animal husbandry industry qualifications between the two countries, and food products exported to the United States must meet the FDA's many regulatory audit requirements. Taiwan's Chicken Essence is officially commercially imported to the United States. At present, it is still a high threshold. Only a very small number of Essence of Chicken products can be legally exported to the United States.

Q: Where can I buy Essence of Chicken that is officially imported to the United States?

A: As of 2023, according to the market research data, there are at most 2-3 imported brands of Taiwanese Essence of Chicken sold in the United States. The supply status of some brands seems to be unstable, and there are often situations where products are out of stock and cannot be ordered. In addition, there are a small number of local commercial brands produced in small batches within the United States (homemade products are not counted).

It is a great honor for BrioViva to officially import chicken essence to the United States. We spent a lot of energy and resources to meet the requirements of American laws and regulations.

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Q: When buying Essence of Chicken in the United States,  What should I pay attention to?

A: The editor condenses the market research data into the following comparison table for your reference.

Q: If I buy Essence of Chicken from Taiwan and mail it to the United States, can I pass the customs?

A: From a completely legal point of view, meat products from Taiwan are not allowed to enter the United States without an import license issued by the USDA. That is to say, no matter whether you ask your family to send it from Taiwan or send it on behalf of a Taiwanese manufacturer, as long as there is no USDA license document attached to the shipment, there is the same risk of customs border inspection in legal theory.

Q: If the U.S. Customs seizes it, what will happen to the chicken essence package?

A: In practice, customs and border inspections mostly use spot checks for civilian packages within a certain weight. If the package is selected for random inspection, the customs will return or destroy it and issue a notice of seizure violation, refusing to enter the United States. In addition, if the circumstances are serious, there may be further fines or legal liabilities.

Q: Is there a similar product that can replace Essence of Chicken and can be legally shipped to the United States?

A: If you ship directly from Taiwan to the United States, aquatic products are not as strictly regulated as meat products. Recently, some consumers have chosen perch essence, which has a similar nutritional orientation, as an alternative to chicken essence, and sent it directly from Taiwan to the United States, so that there will be no risk of illegal customs clearance.

Q: What are the strengths of Taiwan Essence of Chicken, which can be popular not only in the United States, but also in Chinese people all over the world?

A: The biggest feature of Taiwan Essence of Chicken is its unique and luxurious production process, without adding a drop of water, to absorb the essence of the chicken itself. This technique should be seen only in the world. It originated from the grandmother’s rural days in the early years. Whenever pregnancy, confinement, childbirth, serious illness, and child growth, it is the time to use chicken essence.

Essence of chicken dripping has become popular so far because the effect can be seen. From a scientific point of view, the small-molecule protein of dripping chicken essence is very efficient in nutritional supplementation. Moreover, in addition to the complete range of amino acids, it is also bonded into many peptide forms, which contribute to various health functions.

The production of dripping chicken essence requires a lot of man-hours, as well as complicated and urgent follow-up procedures such as filtration, cooling, and packaging. At the same time, because no drop of water is added, the output is extremely low, which is not comparable to chicken broth/chicken essence that is boiled with water.

Q: How is Taiwanese chicken essence different from traditional chicken essence? How is it different from boiled chicken essence?

A: To put it simply, the one without adding water is called dripping chicken essence, the one that is boiled with water is called chicken essence, and some is called boiled chicken essence.

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